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About company

Our mission is to provide a highest quality, easy to use equipment to support the operations and growth of the packaging industry.

We are providing solutions for automatisation of packaging processes and solutions for packaging itself. We can handle also for our clients transport, implementing and launching new complete packaging lines.

We are cooperating with ones of the best and most experienced producers of the packaging machines in the world. Most of them come from Italy. Every company that cooperates with I.P. Matic has at least 20 to 30 years of experience in designing, producing and implementing packaging machines. Our longstanding relation has resulted in hundreds of machines installed all over Poland.

Our machines are characterized mostly by reliability and state-of-the-art technology. What is more , they are easy-to-use and maintain. All of them are also very flexible which results in quick changeover from one product to another. Moreover, they are cost efficient – even during intensive work on many shifts.

Our technicians are helping during tests in Italy and while installing machines in Poland. We provide warranty post warranty technical assistance which means that our technicians will be available for problem solving to make sure your packaging machine or line is up and running smoothly without stoppages. Beside that, we offer sale of machine parts, accessories and other equipment.

We pride ourselves in delivering packaging machines/lines to small, medium size and large international companies. Among many of them, one find such well-known brands and leaders in their branches as: Bielenda, Bella, Eveline Cosmetics, Hasco-Lek, Joanna, Larive, Matopat, Maspex, Unilever.

The I.P.MATIC also offers a wide variety of primary plastic containers for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic and veterinary industries. We have put special emphasis on inventiveness and advanced technology of these products. Therefore, we have newest and original packaging solutions on the polish market – some of them with major marketing potential.

We also invite you to have a look at the descriptions of our business partners.



Our Partners:


V2V2 Engineering - Italian company that exports its products to many countries all over the world. The production range is including packing machines with the use of carton, such as carton erectors and closers, horizontal and vertical cartoning machines and with the use of film for the overwrapping and shrink-wrapping machines. Thanks to its long experience and original, patented solutions, V2 Engineering can provide almost any process of final automatic packaging.



PERFECT-PACK - Italian Company that specializes in production of vertical and horizontal sachet making machines. PERFECT PACK machines allow to pack into flat, long and doy-pack sachets. Machine construction makes it possible to quickly change formats, in some cases the change is made by changing programme in touchscreen panel. Plate sealing system ensures high seal quality and sachet recurrence with keeping high output. Constructions are according to GMP standards.




AXOMATIC - Italian company specializing in vacuum mixers, tube filing machines hot melters. with large range of capacities. With many years of experience, has resulted in its machines present in over 35 countries in such companies as L'OREAL, ESTLE, HENKEL, WELLA, SCHERING PLOUGH, AVON or SANOFI.




LAMEPLAST - Each product developed by Lameplast is the result of advanced design capabilities, the use of state-of-the art technology and a thorough knowledge of the production and transformation processes of all types of plastic material. Its services include development of new plastic containers, innovative and dedicated packaging stereolithography prototypation available; consultancy for the industrialisation of the product;new raw material testing.




INTERDAMO - Interdamo S.r.l. is specialised in the moulding of plastic materials, and its business is focused on the manufacturing and packaging of articles for the veterinary sector.





LABELPACK is Italian company with 20-years traditions in production of labelling machines. Recently Labelpack has totally modernised all machine models offered. All their machines have balcony construction which makes the machine more accessible and makes it easier to change format, clean or perform maintenence tasks. Small machines at first sight are characterised by strong mechanical construction and high reliability. LABELPACK machines are used in hundreds of medium and small sized companies as well as in market giants like BAYER.




TirelliTIRELLI - Italian company that specializes in production of filling and closing machines, and labelling machines - mainly for chemical and pharma industry. Tirelli machines are used in many significant perfume and cosmetic manufacturers worldwide.